Saturday, May 24, 2008

...Realize Children Are Our Future

Quick and to the point (do i say this every time?):

If I have a daugher, I hope:

- That she is just like her mother. I used to have many constraints and standards for that special woman in my life, but I realized those are all null and void. All I hope for in a female mate is that I can honestly say that when we have a daughter I can wish that she turns out just like her mother. There's no hidden asshole motive or sarcastic agenda behind this, it's just true. And sweet. Awww.

If I have a son, I hope:

- He is never that guy who wears a sport coat to a bar. I realize this doesn't immediately make you an asshole. Though I've never seen it in action (and I would chastise them to the world's end), I'm sure some of my best friends do in fact practice this activity. But that doesn't make it okay. Just like calling someone "gay" or a "fag", I don't have a problem with it for any surface reason (I can't pretend to be that PC), I just despise it for its lack of originality and overall douchiness. Just as nobody is impressed that you totally called out that kid on the Vespa as a blatant homosexual, nobody is impressed that you managed to pair a graphic tee with a coat from JC Penney. Congrats, you suck at life. I would feel prouder of my son if he was the central force behind our generation's holocaust. But only if it involved Australians. I'm still not sold on them.

One love ya'll,

- K