Thursday, November 15, 2007

...Fight off his demons

Oh hey! what's shakin? not much here either. i decided that i'm just drunk enough to blog about my once and future son, jared. i dont know if you have had the pleasure of taking in an episode of kid nation, but if not, you are a communist. fear not, however, as i will soon be adopting this kid and we will be running for whatever office is open for a 20 something parent and his completely unrelated and unwilling son. if you missed his spot-on impersonation of a wild west pimp, then you, my friend, are doomed. as one matthew mccabe said, "there needs to be a camera on that kid at all times." he is like johnny carson mixed with groucho marx and star jones. now there's a hot tub party.

on a related note (somehow), kellen left today to recover from his severe bout of knee-AIDS. they say tragedy plus time equals comedy, so this is how the equation would work for how our boy went down:

[i convert a beautiful drunken heel click] [kellen attempts to one-up me] + [however long it takes him to crumple back to earth] = comedy.

ohhhhhhh, i know this makes me seem heartless, but even kellen would agree that there would be no better way to go down. that's something you can tell your grandkids, who no doubt will be suffering from some sort of severe muscular disorder. that being said, we're all cheering for you kellen. here's hoping Magic gives you the cure for HIV...just in case.

if you need me, i'll be in the penthouse for the rest of the month, hiding from the monster that lives inside my walls. only about three people in the world will get that, good thing only two people in the world will read it.

later skaters.



shaun. said...

it sucks that you can only vote once......

and where did Star Jones come from? Too much daytime TV my friend.


Kellen said...

hot tub party= best line

I'm healing nicely! Thanks for the support.